Artist statement

Welcome and thank you for spending a little time with my images. Many of the images presented here are of an abstract nature which seems to always induce the question 'What is it?' It is up to you to decide.

I am simply a facilitator. When the feeling is correct, there is a communication which appears to happen as separate things but in reality is all one movement towards an expression of life beyond what we normally allow ourselves to perceive. Beauty. Life. Also The Unknown...


This is about your imagination, the story you make up for yourself. It is one of the reasons I don't title the work, I don't want to lead you into seeing what I see but for you to see what you see. More important, feel what you feel. Imagination and feeling go together, have some fun with it!


My first installation at Manzanita Kitchen and Events in Diamond Springs, CA. The owner bought the truck photo (second from left) to hang over the bar. Nice!

I have had my work publicly displayed, at the location pictured above and also at a gallery in downtown Prescott, AZ which is now doing luxury home furnishings. I did some product photography for them, I'll post a link to their website when they get it back up and running.

Everything here is available for purchase. However, for the time being, you must contact me directly for any ordering. Sizes are not standard and I usually won't print anything smaller than 15-20 inches on a long side. Prints will be signed and postage will be included in the price. I am not a 'set price' kinda guy, pricing is tailored to the individual situation. In other words, don't be shy about asking thinking you can't afford it. 


If you see something you like that is color and maybe you think black and white would be cool, just ask, we'll see. I am open to custom projects if you think my work might be useful to you. Home, office, gift...let's talk. If you are a gallery owner or some such other patron of the arts who might be interested in representing me, I'm all ears.

Thank you again for the attention. The site is new so I expect some changes, check back as often as you wish. Don't hesitate to share my site far and wide, I thank you in advance.

Have fun!


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